JKD Unlimited™ CT Branch


Now offering classes in the Battlefield Kali™ single-stick fighting system, created by Burton Richardson's JKD Unlimited™! This system is organized, easy to learn and above all, functional.

  • Classes Mondays 6:30-7:30 in Torrington Family Kempo's clean, spacious dojo.
  • Open to ages 8 to adult.
  • Dynamic, fast-paced classes covering easy to grasp, long, middle and close range kali stick techniques, footwork, striking, blocking and tactics.
  • First class FREE. Come try it out!

For a limited time, Torrington Family Kempo students can join JKD Unlimited™ CT Branch at a special discounted monthly rate! Call or stop in for details*



Dean Franco

Dean started his martial arts training in Tae Kwon Do, advancing to second degree Black Belt. His interests turned to Jeet Kune Do where he studied under Chris Smith and earned an Associate Instructorship. More recently, he has concentrated on Filipino martial arts, and is credentialed in Atienza Kali, Sayoc Kali, Abenir Kalis and Battlefield Kali. He holds the rank of Second Level Guro in Battlefield Kali™ Single Stick, and First Level Guro in Battlefield Kali™ Knife


Scott Batky

Scott started training in MMA/submission grappling in 2006, with a prior background in Ketsugo Karate. In 2009 he started cross training in Filipino martial arts. He has achieved instructor rank at Family Martial Arts and Kelly's in MMA Combatives, and apprentice instructor in Blade Technologies and is currently Level 4 (Antas Apat) in Battlefield Kali™.

*Special rate is only available current TFK students and is valid only as long student maintains TFK membership in good standing. Torrington Family Kempo is unaffiliated with CT Battlefield Kali™ Branch

For more information:

(860) 480-2198
to schedule your free introductory class.